Just a quick update. Not much has changed from my previous post, the business has kept me too busy to work on the self-hosting project which means I don’t have much motivation to put together a weekly blog post.

My main priority has been to create a standalone Restic server with immutable, append-only backups using rclone. I got to the point where the VM is up and running, but I need to configure rclone in a way that it can be replicated using Ansible playbooks.

For the business, we went to a conference in Nashville which gave us a kick of motivation to scale things up. We’re applying for an SBA loan to hire people for technical and sales/marketing roles. It’s been challenging to get it all set up and I’m getting to the limit of what I can accomplish on my own. That brings a whole other set of challenges.

In other news, we have an opportunity to design a custom CRM application for a business owner who doesn’t want to host it in the cloud or pay a subscription. We demoed a DaDaBik application and will be proposing a solution based on that which will be self-hosted on a server at his business.

That’s all for now. Happy Self-Hosting!